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Idahwoods Corporate Services is a  multi service company that offers its services to various industries both in the private and public sector and to individual consumers.

ICS Marketing

We provide marketing, branding and promotional printing services within South Africa and the Southern Africa region. Our marketing division leverages technology infrastructure and data analysis to manage the entire sales process from lead generation to completed sale including after sales and retentions. We partner with you on strategic level to develop tailored turnkey solutions to activate direct response campaigns that focus on maximising return on investment and brand visibility by ensuring lowest acquisition costs and high conversion and retention rates. Our branding division provides various corporate branding and promotional printing solutions to both the private and public sector, helping our clients enhance their brand visibility and change the way consumers experience brands.

ICS Consulting

We provide consultancy services to the microfinance and digital lending space. Our clients include international investors/companies looking to set up digital lending operations in South Africa and Zambia and local new and existing microfinance institutions that need to migrate to digital lending or need to scale, grow and maximise profitability in their businesses. Our services include operations management, strategy, digital transformation and new technology, business process and policy implementation and improvement, compliance, training and coaching.